You are fantastic at that 'thing' that got you here - web design, coding, coaching, you name it. But now you're at a crossroads: you simply can't continue to grow AND keep doing it all anymore. Time to be a Boss.

Leading People.  Team Management. Or as I say 'Boss Life'. There's about a million books on the topic, thousands of Ted Talks and hundreds of 'leadership models'... and yet somehow it remains so freaking hard!

Yes building and leading a team is key to growing your business reach, increasing revenue and maintaining quality (not to mention your own sanity)... and at the same time, some days more than others, it feels like it would be easier to just stay small and stay 'doing' instead. I get it... I've been there.

Being a Boss is hard.  Being a Boss while feeling unsure and constantly second guessing yourself? That's next to impossible.


...Aaaaaaand that's where I come in! Jess Critchlow, your Coach + Consultant.

Check out the different ways we can work together to get you unstuck and rocking your role as The Boss:

Building your new team and want to get it right?

Work with me in this short 4 week program to set up your team the RIGHT way from the beginning. Less rework and frustration = more time to get shit done!

Already have a team and need to super charge it?

Work with me on this longer term support program where I come into your biz, diagnose what's going on and create a bespoke program based on your unique team, culture and Boss needs.

Not ready to work with me just yet? Totally get it, in the meantime grab your FREE New Team Member Checklist to help make sure your new hire can hit the ground running and start adding to your biz from day 1.