You thought hiring people would make your life easier… and somehow you’re more burnt out than ever!

Here’s the thing boss, a high performing well functioning team is the GREATEST asset your business has… but it doesn’t just happen magically.

Let’s use the analogy of a well oiled machine, your car for example. It doesn’t just work great without any time, effort, energy or money from your side. You need to regularly fill it up with petrol, change the oil, drive it carefully, put on winter tires and every now and then do a big service appointment. Why on earth would it be any different with your team?


Here’s a sample of the type of outcomes you would see after completing a team building day or retreat with your group:

  • Improved communication

  • Reduced politics, gossip and tension

  • Increased productive conflict leading to better decision making

  • Higher morale, motivation and customer satisfaction ratings (it’s true!)

  • Improved relationships with managers resulting in reduced turnover and absenteeism

  • More efficient team processes resulting in higher productivity of the team AND the manager

And of course that sounds great so the next thing all Bosses ask is: “Ok so what, we stand around in a circle, fall backwards and then go paintballing?”

Not even close (Hollywood has really given real team building a bad reputation!)

A team building day or retreat is much broader and more real than that. The first step of course would be to look at the overall goal of WHY you want to do this work, and then we’ll work backwards and design the day from there. This will include elements such as:

  • Preparation interviews with each team member to analyze the dynamics in advance and save time during the day

  • Reviewing each team member’s personality type or preferences to better see where conflict is arising

  • Getting some tough truths on the table on what’s really going on here

  • Year project planning with strategic team alignment

  • Create team rules of engagement and real accountability agreements

  • And of course some FUN - an activity to bring the group together and really build camaraderie


I have run countless team building and team dynamics workshops in the past to very positive reviews. They are fun and hard and awkward and meaningful AND such a great investment for a team or business that wants to really hit big bold goals!

Get in touch today and let’s look at how team building could impact your team, your business and your bold goals!

Your Investment, depending on the topic, size of group and materials required:  $850 CAD - $1,750 CAD