Are you ready for light up work?

Any of this sound familiar...?

"I'm on the edge of burn out... I want to grow my biz, I know I have the client waitlist for it but I just can't do it all anymore... but where do I start? How do I decide what to delegate and what to keep?"

"My company is too small to have an HR team, and not sure I'd want one anyways.  But some days I really want to just run some of my thoughts past an expert to gut check with someone"

"I've never had to be a Boss before - in fact part of why I started my biz was to ESCAPE bosses!  I don't know how to be a great Boss who people want to work for while still getting stuff done... what's the balance??"

If that felt like an excerpt from your inner monologue, you are so far from alone, this is so common with pretty much every Boss I've ever worked with. Working with me gives you a few things - a fresh set of eyes on your biz

Without Jess, I would have the same stories that I’ve been feeding myself for years playing on repeat in my head. Jess has helped me take the second-guessing out of my day-to-day work, enabling me to get out of my own way so that I can better lead and manage. She’s helped me build a toolbox of practices for responding to 99% of what I face in any given work day.
— Cristen Perks, COO of TLP

If you're going to grow your business and maintain (or even exceed) current levels of quality, customer service and profit you simply have to get the People Stuff right.  And getting the People Stuff right is freaking hard.

Not only does working with me give you greater confidence in your people decisions, access to my proven systems, processes and knowledge from doing this for over a decade, but it also gives you the peace of mind that comes from not having to do it all alone. Leading your people doesn't have to be this hard!  Let's do it together.

Jess was a dream to work with. She helped me dig into my career demons and face them head-on. ...She built up my confidence and encouraged me in the warm, no-nonsense way of an old friend who’s always in your corner with your best interest at heart.

After working with her I am now able to feel wonderfully confident. This girl rocked my world!
— LP, Graphic Designer

The three main ways I work with bosses and businesses are:

Work with me one to one to build up your leadership skills, increase your confidence and overhaul your team processes so you can finally get the best out of your team.

Get your skills to the next level! Pinpoint the interpersonal skills needed in your team and get them trained up in short sharp sessions (rather than boring day long snooze fests!)

It’s time to transform your team into a well oiled gold medal team. I will work with you to really diagnose what’s going on, get into some real solutions and action planning… and have a whole lot of fun of course!

Not ready to start working together yet?  No problem!  In the meantime download your FREE New Member Checklist to make sure you're setting everything up right for your new hires: