Being the boss seems great… until you are the boss…  

Then you know how freaking hard it really is.


You're great at what you do.  In fact so great you now have a team to lead... only that's a whole different skill set than what you've spent years mastering!  You feel like you're having to guess at it all.

...Aaaaand this is where I come in!  

Over the last decade I've worked with numerous bosses on the people side of their business. I've seen first hand the pitfalls of unskilled boss behaviour - and I've also witnessed the upside of really getting the people stuff right. Clients are happier, products are more innovative, quality is better, and team members are more productive, more loyal and just happier. I know this stuff... and I can help you know it too.

Leading people is hard, and doing it alone makes it exponentially harder.  

Without Jess, I would have the same stories that I’ve been feeding myself for years playing on repeat in my head. Jess has helped me take the second-guessing out of my day-to-day work, enabling me to get out of my own way so that I can better lead and manage. She’s helped me build a toolbox of practices for responding to 99% of what I face in any given work day.
— Cristen Perks, COO


These are the soundbites I hear from leaders I work with...

  • 'Accountability is so hard to get right - I don't want to micromanage but some days it feels like the only way to get shit done'

  • 'I want the people on my team to be here for MORE than a paycheque, how the hell do I create that type of team??'

  • 'I want to keep my people motivated and happy, but doing that AND keeping clients satisfied AND having great financials feel impossible some days'

  • 'I just don’t know how to let go and trust my team to do their job… and it’s burning me out’

  • 'I don't need a full time People or HR person... but running stuff by an expert would make me feel a lot more confident!'

You know your stuff.  You have the 5 year strategy plan, savvy marketing program, solid financials and kick ass products/services.  Of COURSE this is all key to building a business.

...But here's the deal:  If you don't have the right people on your team who are informed, capable and motivated, all of that is a waste of time.

You're going to either miss those ambitious targets or completely burn yourself out on the way.  


Having a trusted advisor you can rely on is key for this (seemingly) impossible goal. I can help you create the type of team and company where:

  • You feel completely confident having those awkward 'can I give you some feedback' discussions

  • Those growth targets are absolutely smashed - with a team that is motivated to make it happen

  • You are confident you're doing the right things for your team to keep them motivated, happy and doing great work

  • Everyone on the team has absolute clarity on where the company is going, what they're meant to be doing and what 'great work' looks like

  • You see real increases in productivity, innovation, quality and client satisfaction... and team member happiness of course!

Jess was a dream to work with. She helped me dig into my career demons and face them head-on. ...She built up my confidence and encouraged me in the warm, no-nonsense way of an old friend who’s always in your corner with your best interest at heart.

After working with her I am now able to feel wonderfully confident. This girl rocked my world!
— LP, Graphic Designer

Coaching + Consulting:  Package Details

This is a retainer type package so of course it would be bespoke to the unique needs of you and your boss and once we’ve agreed what support you need I would give you a quote.  However to give you an example of what a typical engagement would look like, here's an example below:

  • Initial 90 minute kick off call to identify what’s REALLY going on with your team, culture and your leadership strengths/weaknesses

  • Up to 4 scheduled one hour calls per month to build boss skills and confidence as well hold accountability for ongoing team projects

    • This can be split up between two bosses in the company, depending on structure and needs

  • Unlimited short (15 minute) Ad-hoc calls included (and encouraged!) to deal with people questions/concerns and crop up in between scheduled calls so you're never left having to guess or figure things out on your own

  • Unlimited email and text support during the program - sometimes you just need a trusted source to bounce things off of to be confident you're doing the right thing

  • A host of templates that can make building some of your team member toolkit that much easier

  • 3 Hours of project work per month included for bespoke people tools or programs you need such as on-boarding plans, performance management systems, hiring templates/training, etc

(And remember this would absolutely be flexed up or down based on your team's needs, we would figure this out in the initial complimentary consult.)

For this sample retainer the investment would only be $450 CAD per month!

Sound like what you need for your biz??  Book your complimentary 30 minute consult now to do some initial discussions and see if we could do great work together.

You are one of the people who pushed me to go for a team leader role. You helped me get there.. There is nobody I trust with my career more than you!
— Adam Dodge, GSC Team Leader

Frequently Asked Questions...

  • Is my team too small for this? I only have a couple of employees at the moment...

    • Absolutely not! Your team can be 1 person or hundreds and you would still find value in having me on retainer for your boss needs.

  • Will I really get a return on my investment here? How can I measure the worth I'm getting?

    • During our consult we'll talk through your unique business goals and what you would want out of working with me. We'll define the outcomes together and continually measure progress towards them.

  • I'm not a bad boss, my team seem ok, is there really still a need for this?

    • Of course! This programme is not the 'remedial' class for bad bosses! You can be an amazing well respected boss and still need an outside expert to bounce ideas off of, get advice from or ask for support on bigger people projects that you don't have the capacity to get done personally.

  • What if it's not working? Can I get a refund?

    • Sort of - every month we'll do a quick check in against our outcomes we are working towards. If we agree the progress isn't there and it's not ideal to keep working together you can be refunded for any deposits paid that have not yet been used via project or call time.

  • How do I get started? Can I just sign up on the website, do I really need to do a consult first?

    • A consult is absolutely key before either of us agree to work together. My brand of consulting is not for everyone, it's so important we both agree we can do good work together before we sign any contracts or any money is exchanged. Once the consult is complete and we both agree to go forward together then a contract will be sent your way and payment is made at the beginning of the month, but all of these logistical details will be clear from the contract.

  • Should I just hire a dedicated HR person instead?

    • Possibly... this is something we could definitely talk about during our complimentary consult. The reality is taking on an additional full time or part time employee is a significant investment in time and money, you may actually be farther ahead to start with something like this package for a short term engagement and then we can reevaluate whether the needs are outside the scope and you may be better investing in an employee to join your team. (And of course there's the benefit that as a Consultant rather than an employee I can tell you some truths that an employee might feel a bit uncomfortable throwing your way!)