Regardless of what kind of work we want to do together, a key aspect of our success:  Chemistry.

And we just might have the amazing chemistry of a Laurel & Hardy, a Han Solo & Chewbacca or a Thelma & Louise... or we might not.  

why a free consult?

Simple: Light UP Work might not be for you... and you might not be for me!  This is our chance to:

  • See if we have mad chemistry or if it feels like that awkward first date... who you won't call back

  • Jam on what type of work you're doing and get very clear on what outcome you're looking for - including some initial free advice (not a bad deal)

  • Initial discussion of possible packages or support that may match your needs

What Next?

After our consult I'll send you an email with my notes, including a breakdown of package details, quotes and clarity on next steps.

I know this can be hard trusting someone with your team or business. I’ll answer all the questions I can and follow up in a few days to see what your thoughts are and edit the project scope as needed.

Let’s do this!