Summer’s coming (whooo hoo!)!

Which means lots of time at the cottage reading books on a beach (assuming you live in a cottage loving area… and the northern hemisphere)

I’m sure you’ve all heard the standard book recommendations for leaders - you know the ones, written by Peter Drucker, Jim Collins, Brene Brown and other recognizable names - so I want to give you some alternate options to take on holiday with you.

They’re well written, insightful reads, and while not strictly related to leadership, I guarantee you will get some super interesting nuggets to apply to your team when you’re back at work.

1. The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, John M. Gottman

Yes, this is a brilliant one for anyone who leads a team. Obviously it is sharing the evidence gathered over decades on married couples… but the findings apply to any group who needs to have excellent communication, work seamlessly together and keep a bigger vision as the goal (hint hint: that should describe your team to a T!).

The majority of the exercises in here can absolutely be adapted for the workplace as well… even the ones about dating (hello team building activities… just with less candlelight and romantic overtones)

2. The War of Art, Steven Pressfield

Leadership is an inherently vulnerable and creative act… and no one talks creativity and the roadblocks our ego puts up as well as Steven Pressfield. This super easy and quick read introduces you to “Resistance” and gives you a number of tools and techniques to overcome those internal barriers so you can start really bringing your full strengths to leading your team.

3. Loving What Is, Byron Katie

This list wouldn’t be complete with a well known self help book now would it?? This is seriously a brilliant tool for leaders to use - it’s a simple cognitive process that enables you to really question your assumptions and choose the right approach that will be truly helpful to you, rather than relying on your old knee-jerk habits. Get this book, and question everything!

4. The Signature of All Things, Elizabeth Gilbert

And a fiction book, which yes I realize seems left field. This is a beautiful epic story of one woman’s life, that really will give you food for thought on accomplishments, passion, and contributions as you age in life. An award winning fiction novel that is not only an enjoyable read but may even give you some new ways of looking at your employees, how they can learn and change and continue to contribute as things change around you.

5. What is the Bible? Rob Bell

I’m not a Christian, so I promise this is not some sneaky attempt at online missionary work. This is an incredibly well written book by Rob Bell, a previous Christian pastor of a super church, that puts many of the Bible’s more well known parables into their historical context of the day. As well as entertaining, one of the central themes Bell keeps coming back to is the value and skill in curiosity, questioning intentions and the dangers in certainty. A fantastic inspiring book to read, even for those of us non-christians in the crowd!

(I’ve included the link for each title, although I highly recommend checking out your local independent bookstores and libraries first!)

What do you think of this list?? Any others to include?

Let me know in the comments or drop me an email.

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