Well Boss it's that time of year again. Summer (well, for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere anyways). 

Which means great weather, long weekends and vacations to the cottage... and also means a big drop in the motivation levels of your team members, even your star right hand person. 

In my last email I talked about a simple and easy solution to implement - planning for it. Knowing the slump is coming to doing what's possible to keep the peaks in volume to spring and fall.

Buuuuuut it's now June so that one might not help you out in the short term. So today's tip you can implement today:

Prioritize & Super Clear Expectations

Ok, granted this is ALWAYS a good tip for being a Boss, but when motivation is at a low and your self starters might need a bit of extra oomph, prioritizing and setting super clear expectations is a non-negotiable.

When I say prioritize, what I mean is making sure you know exactly what the top highest value deliverable is for your team member. Yes during other times of the year they probably do this without you even thinking about it, but when there's a long to-do list and the weather is calling for them to take off early and sit on a patio, make sure they don't have to do that extra brain work as well.

Don't make them guess what definitely has to get done before their long weekend, make it clear.

(And no this is not permission to micromanage, you don't have to be obnoxious about it, this could be something covered off in a weekly 10 minute priority setting meeting where you talk like grown ups and agree priorities)

As for setting clear expectations... there is so much more to this than I can cover in a quick paragraph (perhaps a future blog article!). The basics are this: stop assuming you and your team member are on the same page. It's a ridiculous concept and creates a lot of wasted time and energy. They can't read your mind, you can't read theirs. So get over yourself, stop tiptoeing around and tell them in clear terms what the work is

Being clear and direct does not make you an asshole. It makes you a good Boss.

So help your team member out, help them be able to clear their work so they CAN head out early to the patio for a pint.

Clear priorities, clear expectations, clear the way to enjoy the summer months.