YES! Congratulations, you’re at a point in your biz where you are ready to bring someone on so you can keep on growing and doing your work. Seriously take a second and think of how far you’ve come and how great it is that you’re here - so many new businesses don’t ever get to this point!

Ok, now let’s get down to business, you have your new hire ready to join your team and you’re stoked… now what? Being a boss comes with a whole new set of responsibilities, where to even start?

Here’s a cheatsheet of the top few things to make sure you’re thought through and are ready to action before their first day:

1. Onboarding Plan

Did you know it can take up to 6 months before someone is 100% competent in their role??  Yeah, I know, you hired them to REDUCE your workload so this can be a scary statistic. But the good news is you can cut this onboarding time in half and reduce your own workload by putting in some work before their first day. Create a detailed 6 month onboarding plan for you and your new team member, add and change it as you go (you can download your FREE New Team Member Checklist here!)

2. Role Description

This is something that you’ve likely thought through long before hiring but do another sanity check, especially since you’ve found the person and they might have different skills than you were originally intending. Does their role and responsibilities still make sense?

And as importantly, do THEY know what their role entails and what the expectations are of the role?  Sounds silly but it's actually one of the number one ways new employees and bosses get frustrated - lack of clarity on what the work is supposed to be and the results expected. Get it clear up front to save a lot of headaches and rework!

3. Compensation

Have you agreed all the aspects of their compensation with them? Salary, when/how they’ll get paid, any benefits or perks you’re supplying and how they can access? What about a bonus or profit sharing, how/when will that work out? Have you penciled a date in your own calendar of when you’ll review their salary to make sure it’s still fair based on the value they’re bringing to your biz? This can be a big stressor for new hires, make sure it's all clear so they don't have that in the back of their mind and can just focus on the new exciting job!

4. Your Own Development

Being a boss is hard work - but doesn’t need to be as lonely as we sometimes make it out to be. Do you have a biz bestie, consultant or coach to work with to think things through, bounce ideas off of and check in with? Make sure you have someone you can rely on to keep your head on straight!

For more detailed info about this and to make sure you’re hitting all the right areas for their first six months download your FREE New Team Member Checklist.

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