Training your team… desperately needed but who has the time??

One of the things I hear ALL of the time from Leaders:

“I would love to get my staff trained… but we don’t have the time for everyone to be out of work for a day!”

Ah the age old paradox of training - you need your team to be better at something to be more efficient but you have no time to train them on that skill! I get it.

Besides, when did we all get together and decide training courses could only be run 9am - 5pm??

Light UP Work offers the same impact from a full day training, except offered in short, or bite size, sessions that are a maximum length of 1/2 day. After training in person and online for over a decade I know EXACTLY how to distill a training down to the real effective points.

(Psssst - feeling skeptical a short workshop could be just as useful as longer programs? Get in touch to book a completely FREE taster session today and I’ll prove it to you!)


There are a lot of trainers out there, here’s why you want Light UP Work:

  • What other people tell you will take a full day can be distilled down by us to a much shorter session (with a lighter price tag!)

  • Each and every training program is tailored to YOUR business needs - nothing is a canned approach that doesn’t fit with your business and team goals

  • Unique follow up calls for each of the delegates and their manager included in the price to address any challenges or concerns using their new skills in the workplace

  • Lectures are banned! No just standing and talking at your employees, they dive in and start practicing the new skills within the first 30 minutes

Stop wasting your time (and money) with looooong boring ineffective workshops. To get an idea of how useful a short training workshop you can book a FREE taster session a variety of topics.

Here are a few of the programs run in the past:

  • Management / Team Leader 101

  • Presentation Skills / Public Speaking

  • Time Management & Prioritization

  • Coaching for Managers

  • Advanced Leadership Programs

  • Feedback & Difficult Conversations

  • Performance Management for REAL Humans

  • Team Dynamics / Team Building Sessions

  • Risk Management

Your Investment, depending on the topic, size of group and materials required:  $750 CAD - $1,500 CAD